saga ibiza the full story

saga ibiza the full story
SAGA IBIZA - The Full Story

“SAGA”, was born in Finland and
according to Nordic mythology the name has several meanings:
1. Daughter of God
2. Goddess of Oracle
3. Goddess of History

The vessels first owner, Tori Aleska Pokjolasˇi, was working 5 years to conscientiously construct an everlasting keel of Nordic Pine.
Between 1940 and 1945 the hull of SAGA was hidden under sand to avoid the Russian occupiers from finding, and profiting, from it.

In 1946 the hull was sold to the brothers Erikson, that finished the construction and used the vessel  until 1963 to transport heavy cargo, such as sand and wood, between Finland and Sweden.
By the end of the seventies the heavy labor was done for her and the schooner was restyled by new Danish owners.
In her new life she was used for educational boat trips, before she sailed the Mediterranean, Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea for more than a decade.
Until in 1991, another Danish couple bought her and sailed her back to Denmark, where SAGA, for more than 15 years, was used in daily boat excursions and as day charter for family boat trips and educational trips in collaboration with schools teaching marine life.
Well maintained during all those years, and her keel still in best condition, the schooner was in perfect original shape, when she very recently was purchased by her proud new Spanish owners, Marcelino and Simón.

During the cold Northern winter months they sailed SAGA over 2500 miles from Denmark to Ibiza, crossing the North Sea, the English Channel, Gulf of Biscay, “Costa da Morte” Galicia, Strait of Gibraltar to the east coast of Spain, where she was docked to be painted, rigged and get her new Spanish flag.

- Sailing SAGA from Finland to Ibiza -

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